What does gamble do in blitzball crap design principles definition If I get an email regarding FFX, it will be ignored and deleted. Example:If you are looking for the section "Playing Blitzball - Player Stats", type .. 3 Techs: Drain Tackle 3, Gamble, Invisible Shot, Nap Tackle 2, Tackle Slip 2. Blitzball Support Techniques - Final Fantasy X: Technique: Anti Venom Action: Has a 50% chance of avoiding poison Technique: Gamble Action: Increases the chances that a goalie will catch the ball, rather than deflect it. You can learn Techs from players by Marking them. Set this up at the start of matches or in halves. The blue highlighted ones are available to.

What does gamble do in blitzball -

Don't have an account? But he kinda makes up for it in his other stats. Not just for being there. This article is in need of a few pictures. If you are successful, you should hear a tinkle, and a confirmation that you have learned the new Technique will appear on the screen. He has very good stats and a good assortment of techs to learn and use. You can't learn the2nd til you learned the 1st.

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Final Fantasy X-2 - My Blitzball Team (In Action)

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