Electric guitar nut slot depth play power strike slot machine The depth of the slots in the nut seems a little deep except for the A . guitars coming out of the factory with nut slot bottoms and fret tops at the. Do you cut the nut slots to an estimated depth, string and bring to pitch, up to about on the low for most acoustic and electric guitars. I was working in a shop with a guy that has been repairing guitars for over thirty years. He wanted pretty much every nut cut down from factory.

Electric guitar nut slot depth -

After the action and intonation are where I want them I'll go back and finesse the nut. The use of inappropriate tools can quickly ruin the nut and cause buzzing. I've almost always noted that it is impossible to tune a guitar to ring perfectly in tune with both an open G chord and an open E chord. Cutting a slot too deeply will place the string against the first fret and result in buzzing. It is critical that the string have ample room to vibrate without contacting the first fret or you'll have an annoying open string buzz.

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How to Adjust the Nut Height on a Guitar

Electric guitar nut slot depth -

Once you cut one nut right you will want to do it on your other guitars. It is a rewarding experience and invaluable if you buy more guitars. Mandolin A's are always the most troublesome because they have to make compound bends from the nut: That is much easier than fix, fix, fix. Here's a page on the files and so on you need to cut nuts. I also buy masking tape, sandpaper automotive department there , flexible cutting boards kitchen supplies , velcro crafts area , and double-sided tape from there. The other is a backsaw such as one would use for cutting fret slots, which does the same and is good for finer strings.

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