Functions of agp slot on a motherboard roulette porte de douche leda APG slots are for graphics cards. AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port. Its easier and cheaper for the motherboard manufacturers to build. Introduced in and superseded by PCI Express in the late s, a single AGP slot on the motherboard provided a direct connection between the card and . This port is used to connect graphic cards to a computer's motherboard. The primary purpose of an AGP is to accelerate 3D graphics output for high definition .

Functions of agp slot on a motherboard -

For each cycle when GNT is asserted and the status bits have the value 01p , write data is scheduled to be sent across the bus. Archived from the original PDF on March 8, The AGP main memory use is dynamic, meaning that when not being used for accelerated graphics, main memory is restored for use by the operating system or by other applications. An accelerated graphics port AGP is a point to point channel that is used for high speed video output. By few new motherboards had AGP slots. Is this setup capable of running any game?

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