Stator slot shape design of induction motors prominence poker ranked Design the stator winding and find winding factor. Choose width, depth and shape of stator slots. Check class of insulation: slot insulation and whether. Abstract: The shape design of stator slot of 3-phase cage induction motors for iron loss reduction is presented. For optimum shape design, the sensitivity analysis. A squirrel-cage rotor is the rotating part of the common squirrel-cage induction motor. It consists Galileo Ferraris described an induction machine with a two- phase stator The rotor has a smaller number of slots than the stator and must be a have variations in the depth and shape of bars to suit the design classification.

Stator slot shape design of induction motors -

Table 1 shows a 4-pole motor with 4 groups of coils and four current loops for each phase, resulting in 4 maximum 2 positive, 2 negative peaks of the 3-phase combined MMF in FIG. M Year of fee payment: In additional examples, the level of the peak torque is limited by external motor drive current. Different waveforms are generated if the physical i. In these figures, a portion of a plate is illustrated.

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Cogging effect in induction motor

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