Nagito russian roulette illinois gambling bill the Russian Roulette with five bullets in the chamber, thus winning the highest difficulty of the Final Death Room. This means that Nagito gets. User:Nebularman/Sandbox2. Nagito waking up Hajime Hinata Hajime arriving at the academy Hajime arriving at the academy. Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗 Komaeda Nagito), is a student of Hope's Peak to play Russian Roulette to access the Octagon and the Ultimate Weapon inside it.

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Nagito russian roulette Often, zynga poker app seems to be able to tell what Hajime is thinking and sometimes nagito russian roulette can even ruswian guess when and rusaian Hajime is about to figure out. Nagito purged the most revealing data and only left their school profiles. He had particularly little patience for the slow-witted ones, including Kazuichi Soda and Akane Owari. For gas to take effect it need some time. A bit later, Nagito accidentally bumped into Seiko who was hurrying towards the gym. A part of the reason Hajime found out who the culprits were in the trials was because of the constant hints and clues Nagito gave him.
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He then becomes increasingly confused about his feelings and thus his motives remain unclear. Ironically, Nagito seems to be the most sane out of the brainwashed ones, as he is more aware of what they're doing and has the aforementioned hatred for Junko. After his parents' death, during middle school, Nagito was kidnapped by a serial killer; he was released after the police found him it was implied that the killer let him go after they found out nobody would pay the ransom. He also mocks him by comparing him to the Japanese comedian known as Hard Gay. Prior to the chapter 1 trial, Hajime was the closest thing Nagito had to a friend. After Nekomaru is murdered, Nagito becomes playable for the first time.

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