Dragon nest skill expansion slot locking mail slot box I recently came back to the game after 6 months, now i got a big problem with the skills crests, the 3 extra slots are expired and i can't remove. For instance, a skill page slot adds a minor boost to the character development, so it's really worth under $5 as not everyone will go with it. They occupy a character's middle crest slot and allow the use of one Nest Boss ability as an Active skill. All classes can use.

Dragon nest skill expansion slot -

Normal plates are your typical stat boost plates. Plates are yet another way to really increase your stats, and there are 4 kinds of plates that are special, skill, normal and chaos plates. Grand Cross MP cost decreased by Rising Slash cooldown is decreased by 4. They can give certain stats, and certain plates can be crafted into multiple crests at Scholar NPCs.

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Skill Tree Expansion Overview

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