Kensington slot macbook air samsung note 2 memory card slot Largest line of, Macbook Air Lock - Macbook Air Security Locks - Macbook Air Cable Locks - Lock Macbook Air - MacbookAirLock - Macbook Air Locks - Security. Safeguard your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with a laptop cable lock. Pre- models should have the standard Kensington lock slot, but. The Kensington SafeDock™ MacBook® Air Security Dock & Keyed Lock offers security in one sleek and stylish solution. Simply slide your MacBook Air into the .

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Originally posted by Scallywag: In the end if someone wants to steal something they are gonna get it somehow. I work in an open space in a universityI have a co-worker who once found his laptop lock cable half-cut the laptop was still there, fortunately. But there was one thing that bothered me -- there was no Kensington lock slot on the side or back of the device that I could use my lock with to anchor it to hotel furniture. The kensington cable lock slot is used to secure equipment with more sophisticated device like this:

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Kensington MacBook Laptop Locking Station 2.0 Review for Mac : Key or Combo Lock

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