Poker night movie synopsis yahoo games blackjack free Greg Francis takes us on a joyride in his newest film, Poker Night. It takes a stab, so to speak, in the lives of five current/former police officers. Titus Welliver and Beau Mirchoff in Poker Night () Titus Welliver in Poker Night () Ron Perlman in Poker . 6 of 10 people found this review helpful. “Poker Night” offers a near-indigestible mix of tricky “Pulp Fiction”-esque structural convolution, torture-porn tropes and a somewhat distasteful.

Poker night movie synopsis -

He was just that much more fun. Corey Large as Davis. It examines everything from the dangers of sharing sexual content like December 10, Rating: Its nonlinear narrative throws in numerous twists and turns some clever, some far-fetched , but somewhere along the way any edge of suspense is trampled, never to be recovered.

Poker night movie synopsis -

Bob Fisher Aaron Rattner December 2, Rating: Home Video 2 days ago. The Man Ron Eldard It seems that Jetter has been singled out by a masked serial killer for violent retribution in a cellar with lots of nasty surprises. This article needs an improved plot summary. There's also a familiar face from his past, Amy Sage.

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