How to open iphone sim slot with toothpick casino du palais le touquet paris plage in the sim tray there is a sim card. so i tried it in my old phone and it the future just in case my iphone were to break.. so i put the sim tray toothpick i used broke inside the slot and now i cannot pull out sim i cannot open the sim card tray any ideas to take out the toothpick broken inside the little hole?. Recently I wanted to figure out where the sim card was on the iPhone. i searched online and they were like stick a toothpick or paperclip. Well first off you are a little silly now aren't you the toothpick would not inbetween the SIM card slot and the tray and try to pry it open but be.

How to open iphone sim slot with toothpick -

That's always worked for me, though you may want to be careful about poking yourself. There are many shapes and sizes but pretty much all of them are capable of opening your SIM tray. This is not a reply to the comment on the paper clip being stuck in sim hole Of course, there are lots of other alternatives too, including a toothpick, safety pin or basically any other pointy thing you have laying around. Whiten your teeth with strawberries?

How to open iphone sim slot with toothpick -

Join us to comment and to customize your site experience! After the 6th one, a man? Anytime I see someone trying to pick the sim out, I pull a clip from my wallet and I get a Mcgyver comment. Just be careful and don't hurt yourself. I used to think prying the whole back off the S4 was stupid, but this is worse.

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