Poker night at the inventory side pot miniclip poker download So I was playing a game and everyone but me and Strong Bad folded. I went all in on a pair of Queen's, he went all in and revealed 2 six's. I think what is happening here is that Strong Bad is scooping up the side pot. If you notice, the side pot bubble indicates that only you the player. Side Pot. I'm new to poker and I more or less have it figured out, but I'm not sure what the side pot is or how it works. Can anyone offer any.

: Poker night at the inventory side pot

Crap code movie When the hands are shown, it is possible that two or more players will hold the same hand. I did steal a hand from the river first try: Win a Tournament Simply win 1st place. His character is an attempt at being sardonic, but mostly he seems to be appropriately criticising how un-fun the game is to play. But usually will try to play it safe but still trying to make everyone fold. Bluffs can also suddenly become a very lucky risk if the five cards shown can suddenly create a hand that makes the original far stronger than any of the players would've expected.
Poker night at the inventory side pot 525
Poker night at the inventory side pot Casino online sin deposito

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Poker Like A Boss Episode 1 - Side Pots

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