Pokemon stadium 2 poke cup master ball lucky 88 poker machine game For Pokemon Stadium 2 on the Nintendo 64, Rental FAQ by thepeoplesgamer. Fixed some more Round 2, Poke Cup, Ultra Ball mistakes. Granted, these include moves and Pokemon from Stadium 2, but its very good. I have taken out Master Ball with as many as five continues with. This is a list of Trainers in the Poké Cup Master Ball in Pokémon Stadium 2. Battle 1; Battle 2; Battle 3; Battle 4; Battle 5; Battle 6.

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Well, that's Johto finished forever. Choose Hitmonlee, Zapdos, and Golem. More Baton Passing shenanigans, here. Well, for the earlier Gyms it is, but things get significantly harder as you progress. It works really well, and I found it considerably less trouble than the original strategy though the original is by no means ineffective. Thunder, Thunder wave, Swift, and Flash. If it's Sudowoodo, after you brought Donphan in to take whatever Sudowoodo threw at you switch immediately back to Moltres and take Selfdestruct.

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Pokémon Stadium - Poke Cup: Master Ball [R-2]

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